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FEP-coated O-rings have an elastic core of Viton® or silicone (Si). The respective Viton® or silicone O-ring is seamlessly enclosed by a thin-walled jacket made of FEP. The thickness of the FEP jacket depends on the inner diameter of the sealing ring and its cord thickness. These properties result in new additional application possibilities for the FEP-coated O-ring. While the O-ring made of silicone or Viton® is used to achieve the required elasticity, the FEP jacket ensures high chemical resistance of the sealing ring. The typical applications for the FEP-coated O-ring are in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


FEP-coated O-rings are available with a Viton® or silicone core. In principle, all dimensions in the range 1.5-19.0 mm cord thickness are available. The following rings are preferred as standard:

Inner diameter of the sealing ring in mm cord thickness of the sealing ring in mm
12.42 +/-0.18 to 133.07 +/-0.94 1,78
12,37 +/-0,18 to 247,32 +/-1,40 2,62
25,00 +/-0,25 to 456,06 +/-2,15 3,53
50.17 +/-0.46 to 658.88 +/- 2.40 5,33
126.37 +/-0.94 to 658.88 +/- 2.40 6,99

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