Our ProductsMicro-Precision O-rings

Increasing and changing demands require practical solutions to problems. We have quickly adapted to the special requirements of individual sectors of the economy. The increased demand in micro-electronics and micro-medical technology is particularly gratifying.

Our micro miniature O-rings are used in the following industries:

Electronicsminiature modelling
instrument making Development and Research
watch manufactories costume jewellery
Measuring and control technology medical technology

Micro-precision O-rings e.a. for the production of

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medical instruments

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Precision mechanics

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Computer equipment and peripherals

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Micro switches

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Micro instruments

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Micro engines

Micro-Precision O-ringsOur program will meet all requirements regarding:

Quality and precision

standard dimensions

degrees of hardness

Range of materials adapted to operating conditions

Color sorting (over 10 standard blends)

The micro-precision O-rings start at 0.50 x 0.30 mm. Seals of this small size for high-quality precision products require the highest level of quality in production and final inspection.

Tolerances DIN 3771 Anhalt
Tolerances DIN 3601 Anhalt

Our micro O-rings meet these requirements. We guarantee absolute uniformity of shaping, maximum cleanliness during deburring. The finest tolerance values are achieved. Special production methods and meticulous final inspection make this technical perfection and reliability possible.