Our ProductsPTFE Seals

We have been manufacturing PTFE products for over 50 years. From the very beginning it has been our main aim not to become a mass producer of semi-finished products. We want to use our special production facilities and our knowledge to solve our customers' sealing problems.

PTFE seals we mainly produce

Roof sleeves

Seals for valves

Lip rings

Shaft sealing rings

Hat cuffs

Piston rings

Pot collars

Piston seals

Molded seals

Construction parts

Milk pipe screw rings

PTFE - linings

Nutring sleeves


Flat gaskets

Support rings


Jacketed elastomer O-rings

PTFE O-rings

FEP seamless jacketed O-rings

PTFE sealsManufacturing areas

Production areas include seals for valves, shaft sealing rings, piston rings, piston seals, back-up rings, PTFE liners, bellows, jacketed elastomer O-rings, FEP seamless jacketed O-rings, and structural parts.

PTFE SealsMore detailed information

Further information can be found in the PDF documents listed below.

PTFE Properties
PTFE compounds
PTFE Material data